What's Going On In Business Communications




LMMP is an alliance of seasoned professionals whose talents and relationships extend into many facets of communications.  Our core-team provides diverse backgrounds which compliment one another to compose this unique business communications group.


Solutions...creative, economic and systems driven.  We develop treatments for...and execute the production of...corporate messages.  We believe that every project is comprised of a unique set of objectives and components and that for each project there is one incomparable solution.  That solution is our goal.


Our platform for delivering your message is many layered.

LMMP provides:

  • National Sales Meetings
  • Product Launch Meetings
  • Films and Videos
  • Staging and Special Effects
  • Speech Writing
  • Speech Support Design & Production
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Training Programs
  • Trade Shows
  • Event Planning
  • Consumer/Trade Promotions
  • Sales Tools and Incentives


LMMP...integrity, service and creative.  Our clients appreciate our scrupulous approach to contracting, scheduling and budgeting.  Our core-team nurtures each project...addressing your concerns...keeping you on top of developments...supervising all aspects of production...all carried out with a posture which makes LMMP a pleasure to deal with.  Our creative punch will seal your decision and drive the message home...LMMP is the right choice.

In the business world of today, change and diversity can often be mistaken for confusion.

It is vital to tell people what's going on...

What's Going On In Business Communications


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